16:00-17:30 Registration is open (Hotel Tylösand)

17:30 Opening Ceremony and welcome drink (Hotel Tylösand)
We meet up for a drink before the busses take you to the Home Hospitality dinners.
Dresscode: Casual

18:30 Busses leave for Home Hosp
Home Hospitality Dinner. The Home Hospitality dinner will be held at our members’ houses in and near Halmstad. Check your conference kit which you got in the registration to see which member you will visit and what bus to get on.
Dresscode: Casual. Note that many home hospitality parties will be held as a garden party.

22:30 Busses go back to hotel

10:00-12:00 Annica Thorberg 
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

12:00-13:00 Lunch
Lunch for the junior delegates.
Venue: Hotel Tylösand
Senators only
12.00-16.00 Senators Lunch
Lunch arranged by Millennium Kitchen Club, that will be their last one. 

13:00-14:00 Markus Enocksson
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

14:30-16:00 Cecilia Sahlström
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

16:00-18:30 Free time, maybe take a visit to the Spa? (it's included for all our delegates)

18:30 Pre-drink
Venue: Hotel Tylösand
Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of our crayfish bow ties. Sold in the registration (100 SEK).
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish bowtie worn in any way possible.

19:30 Banquet 
3-course-dinner, nice company, maybe a bit magical and fun. Hopefully a beautiful sunset and some dancing.
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish tie worn in any way possible.