The summer conference in celebration of Swedish tradition

The JCI International Crayfish Conference is a relaxing low intense conference with the chance to experience the tradition that is the Swedish Crayfish Party. The Crayfish tradition is an old tradition which started as a celebration of the season for fishing crayfish is starting. During the 19th century the purpose of the tradition changed to be a celebration about the end of summer and a loud welcome to autumn, which in Sweden more or less feel the same as summer.

The expression Kräftskiva or directly translate to english Crayfish Disc(?), Crayfish Plate(?), Crayfish Slab(?)… you know Conference sounds much better… Anyhow, the expression was during the 1930s where adopted by the public and soon after that was integrated as a Swedish tradition. The tradition might look a bit strange through the international looking glas with our paraphernalia like hats and other decorations, our snaps songs and apparently how we consume the crayfish is deemed extremely Scandinavian.  But you will come to see that it is a joyful tradition with a lot of singing, smiles and snaps, a lot of snaps.

We in JCI Halmstad really hope you will come and experience our fine tradition that is Crayfish Slab which actually in the end is a pretty accurate name since eating crayfish with your bare hands is pretty slabbigt which is Swedish slang for messy/smudgy. If you are already familiar with the tradition and/or International Crayfish Conference we urge you to come back for another year of crayfish fun!

Hope to see you there!

Travel and Living

This year the conference will take place in the city

This year the JCI International Crayfish Conference will take place in the city. This opens up a lot of opportunities for hotels and possibilities for sightseeing in Halmstad. For this year our venue is split in to two places where our activities will take place though most activities will take place at Scandic Hotel which is located close to the town square. This will probably be the most convenient hotel for you but there are several hotel close by with only minutes by foot to both Scandic Hotel and our second venue, Little Heart Pub. You can book your rooms via the button below.

For your stay we have reserved 10 singel rooms and 20 twin rooms.
Single room: 1390 SEK/night inc breakfast
Twin room: 1590 SEK/night inc breakfast

You can book the rooms we reserved only by either calling 035-295 86 18 or emailing hallandia@scandichotels.com and say that you belong to JCI ICC event. .

You can book other rooms at booking.com

Halmstad is located on the west coast of Sweden, between Malmö/Copenhagen and Gothenburg. There are several ways to go to Halmstad with four near by airports to chose from, switch to train or travel by train, bus or car all the way


International flight is usually easiest to Copenhagen airport, where you take the train directly from the airport to Halmstad. You can also fly from Stockholm, both from Arlanda and Bromma airport directly to Halmstad City Airport. You can also fly directly to Halmstad from Helsinki. 

Airport Transport Time Distance
Halmstad (HAD) Cab 5 min 3 km
Angelholm (AGH) Cab + train 35 min 50 km
Gothenburg (GOT, GSE) Train / bus 1,5 hrs 120 km
Copenhagen (CPH) Train 2,5 hrs 137 km


Book your bus travel at Swebus. Call +46 771-218 218


Halmstad is located just by the E6 highway right between Gothenburg and Malmoe.

City Time Distance
Gothenburg 1,5 hrs 110 km
Malmoe 1,5 hrs 135 km
Stockholm 5 hrs 500 km
Oslo 4,5 hrs 430 km
Hamburg 6 hrs 500 km

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Scandic Hotel, Rådhusgatan 6

Scandic Hotel in Halmstad is a hotel in the middle of Halmstad with close access to the train, and bus, station, the city and our other venue, Little Heart Pub. The conference will be hosting several of the activities at Scandic, most notably the Tie Society Drink and Banquet on Saturday. The trainings and and activities during Saturday will also be held at Scandic Hotel.

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Little Heart Pub, Nässjögatan 6

The Little Heart Pub is a pub driven by students and move to it’s new location a few years ago. It is a rustic and warm pub with fantastic music, dance floor and prices in the bar.

Time Session Venue
08:30-14:30 Crayfish Open Golf Tournament Haverdals Golfklubb, Slingervägen 35
12:00-16:30 Registration is open Little Heart Pub
17:00-17:45 Welcome drink Little Heart Pub
18:00 Busses leave for Home Hosp Little Heart Pub
18:00-22:30 Home Hospitality Dinner Jaycees Homes
22:30 Busses go back to Little Heart Little Heart Pub
23:00-02.00 After Party Little Heart Pub
Time Session Venue
10:00-11:30 Keynote speaker: Margaretha Eriksson Scandic Hotel
12:00-13:00 Lunch Scandic Hotel
13:15-15:15 Keynote Speaker: Jon Kjaer Nielsen Scandic Hotel
15:30-16:00 Keynote speaker: Amin El-Bekry Scandic Hotel
16:15-17:00 Swedish Fika
17:30-19:00 Tie Society Drink Scandic Hotel
19:00-22:30 Banquet Scandic Hotel
22:30-03:00 After Party Little Heart Pub
Time Session Venue
10:00-11:30 Keynote Speaker: Margaretha Eriksson Scandic Hotel
12.00-14.00 Senators Lunch A Little Party
15:30-16:00 Keynote speaker: Amin El-Bekry Scandic Hotel
17:30-19:00 Tie Society Drink Scandic Hotel
19:00-22:30 Banquet Scandic Hotel
22:30-03:00 After Party Little Heart Pub

Information about the schedule


8:30-14:30 Crayfish Open Golf Tournament
Golf tournament at Haverdals GK. Must be booked in advance. Green card mandatory.

12:00-16:30 Registration is open at Registration at Little Heart.

17.00-17.45 Welcome drink at Little Heart Pub
We meet up for a drink before the busses take you to the Home Hospitality dinner.
Dresscode: Casual

18:00 Busses leave for Home Hospitality

18.00-22.30 Home Hospitality Dinner
The Home Hospitality dinner will be held at our members houses in and near Halmstad. Check your conference kit that you get in the registration to see what member you will visit and which bus to get on.
Dresscode: Casual. Note that many home hosps will be held as a garden party.

22:30 Busses go back to hotel

23.00-02.00 After Party
For those who don’t want the party to end, join the After Party at Little Heart Pub for some dancing!


10:00-11:30 Keynote speaker

12:00-13:00 Lunch
Lunch for the junior delegates at Scandic Hotel
Senators only
12.00-16.00 Senators Lunch

13:15-15:15 Keynote Speaker: Jon Kjaer Nielsen
15:30-16:00 Keynote Speaker: Amin El-Bekry

16:15-17:00 Swedish Fika/Afternoon Activity

17:30-19.00 Tie Society Drink
Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of our new bow ties. Sold in the registration (100 SEK). Also champagne!
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish tie worn in any way possible.

19:00-22.30 Banquet
3-course-dinner, nice company, maybe a bit magical and fun.
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish tie worn in any way possible.

22:30-03:00 After Party
For those who don’t want the party to end, join the After Party at Little Heart Pub for some dancing!


Trainings from some of the best JCI has to offer

Amin El-Bekry

Keynote: Every company is a media company

Jon Kjaer Nielsen

Keynote: Love your job, or die trying

Margaretha Eriksson

Keynote: GDPR – threat or business opportunity?

Ticket information

Hello Crayfish-lovers!

As we say, the one that waits for something good.

On March 1st at 12:00 (Swedish time) we will open the registration for the 61st JCI International Crayfish Conference.

This year we have moved the conference in to the city center of Halmstad. JCI ICC has always been a conference about fun and friendship, therefore the conference is a perfect meeting point for JCI members from all around to meet and connect with each other.

Are you a member and never attended the conference before? If not we will have a special offer for you. A first timers conference fee that will be valid between March 1st – March 31st for the first 10 first timers that registering.


Time period

Junior First timer Bird (10 tickets)

1 March – 31 March

Early Bird

1 March – 31 March

Regular Bird

1 April – 15 July

Danish Bird

6 April – 15 May

Late Bird

15 July- 31 July

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on faceboor or send us an e-mail to crayfishconference@jcisweden.se

See you in August!

Kind regards,

Max Angenius, COC Director JCI ICC 2018