The summer conference in celebration of Swedish tradition

The JCI International Crayfish Conference is a relaxing low intense conference with the chance to experience the tradition that is the Swedish Crayfish Party. The Crayfish tradition is an old tradition which started as a celebration of the season for fishing crayfish is starting. During the 19th century the purpose of the tradition changed to be a celebration about the end of summer and a loud welcome to autumn, which in Sweden more or less feel the same as summer.

The expression Kräftskiva or directly translate to english Crayfish Disc(?), Crayfish Plate(?), Crayfish Slab(?)… you know Conference sounds much better… Anyhow, the expression was during the 1930s where adopted by the public and soon after that was integrated as a Swedish tradition. The tradition might look a bit strange through the international looking glas with our paraphernalia like hats and other decorations, our snaps songs and apparently how we consume the crayfish is deemed extremely Scandinavian.  But you will come to see that it is a joyful tradition with a lot of singing, smiles and snaps, a lot of snaps.

We in JCI Halmstad really hope you will come and experience our fine tradition that is Crayfish Slab which actually in the end is a pretty accurate name since eating crayfish with your bare hands is pretty slabbigt which is Swedish slang for messy/smudgy. If you are already familiar with the tradition and/or International Crayfish Conference we urge you to come back for another year of crayfish fun!

Hope to see you there!

Travel and Living

This year the conference will take place in the city

Halmstad is located on the west coast of Sweden, between Malmö/Copenhagen and Gothenburg. There are several ways to go to Halmstad with four near by airports to chose from, switch to train or travel by train, bus or car all the way


International flight is usually easiest to Copenhagen airport, where you take the train directly from the airport to Halmstad. You can also fly from Stockholm, both from Arlanda and Bromma airport directly to Halmstad City Airport. You can also fly directly to Halmstad from Helsinki. 

Airport Transport Time Distance
Halmstad (HAD) Cab 5 min 3 km
Angelholm (AGH) Cab + train 35 min 50 km
Gothenburg (GOT, GSE) Train / bus 1,5 hrs 120 km
Copenhagen (CPH) Train 2,5 hrs 137 km


Book your bus travel at Swebus. Call +46 771-218 218


Halmstad is located just by the E6 highway right between Gothenburg and Malmoe.

City Time Distance
Gothenburg 1,5 hrs 110 km
Malmoe 1,5 hrs 135 km
Stockholm 5 hrs 500 km
Oslo 4,5 hrs 430 km
Hamburg 6 hrs 500 km

Information about the schedule

Schedule to be decided.


Keynote speakers to be decided.

Ticket information

Information about ticket sales to be decided.